Workgroup for Empiric Research of Religion (AGER)

Emmanuel Schweizer

Emmanuel Schweizer I am fascinated by the plurality of the religious field in present times. I engage myself in the social and psychological dynamics and religious interpretation of oneself and others that are developed when different religious communities or people of different religious profiles meet one another and interact. The focus of my work so far was the religious socialization of young people with migration background (bachelor thesis) and (inter)religious patterns of interpretation and (inter)religious construct spaces in Jewish-Christian partnerships in Switzerland (master thesis in collaboration with Franziska Huber).
In the framework of a research and dissertation project on relationships of Muslim-Christian couples in Switzerland I work together with Franziska Huber and delve deeper into the issue of interreligious relationships in interfaith couples. The interactions of individual religiosity and the living together of interreligious partners are in the centre of our interest.


Curriculum Vitae

2011 to 2014: Master degree in religious studies at the University of Berne

2011–2014: Tutorial assistant at the Chair of Religious Psychology, Religious Pedagogy and Counseling at the Theological Faculty of the University of Berne

2011: Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies (major) and economics/elective courses in political and social science (minor)

Tutorial assistant for the VROID-MHAP-study (Values and Religious Orientations in Relation to Identity Development and Mental Health: Adolescent's Perspectives)

Research Priorities

Interreligious relationshiops
Repertory Grid methodology in the empiric research of religion


Huber, F., & Schweizer, E. (2013). Religion und Partnerschaft - Eine empirische Studie zur Deutung und Bedeutung der Religion in interreligiösen Beziehungen am Beispiel jüdisch-christlicher Partnerschaften. Unveröffentlichte Masterarbeit, Univ. Bern.

Schweizer, E. (2011). Religiöse Sozialisation in der Diaspora. Unveröffentlichte Bachelorarbeit, Univ. Bern.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber
Faculty of Theology
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