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Dr. Christophe Monnot

Christophe Monnot Since December 2010, Christophe Monnot has a PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Lausanne in joint supervision with the EPHE at La Sorbonne, Paris for a PhD in Sociology. His thesis relays on the analysis of data collected in a large quantitative survey of religious congregations in Switzerland. The survey was conducted in the frame of the National Research Programme 58 under the direction of Jörg Stolz (UNIL) and Mark Chaves (Duke University). After several post-doctoral positions at the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, he was awarded a grant from the NSF to conduct an investigation at the CNRS in Paris in the research laboratory Group Societies, Religions, Laïcites (GSRL).

Since 2012 he has been assistant professor in sociology of religion at the University of Lausanne with different lectures at the Faculty of Sciences of Society and Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Geneva. His lectures focus on the theories and methods of surveys (both quantitative and qualitative), theories of secularization, post-secularity and sociology of organizations.

In terms of research, since 2015 he co-leads with Irene Becci Terrier a survey on the role of the new spiritualities and religion in the energy transition in the program Volteface. He is involved in a research team supported by the NSF at the University of Bern investigating on the non-believers in Switzerland. Stefan Huber and Jörg Stolz direct this survey. He is also board member of the Research Network 34 (Sociology of Religion) of the European Sociological Association (ESA) since its founding in 2011.

Works of Christophe Monnot have been awarded. In 2008 he received the Yves Lambert award distinguishing his first article in the journal Social Compass, and in 2011, the prize Paul Chapuis-Secrétan from the University of Lausanne rewarding his PhD thesis.

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Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2015: senior researcher: „Seculars in Switzerland"
  • Since 2012: assistant professor for sociology of religion at the University of Lausanne
  • 2010: joint-supervised PhD, awarded by the University of Lausanne in science of religion and by the École pratique des hautes études (EPHE) Paris-Sorbonne in sociology.

Publications (selection)

Monographs and editorship

Ganiel G., Winkel H., Monnot C. (Eds), 2014. Religion in Times of Crisis. Religion and the Social Order 24. 196 p., Leiden: Brill.

Monnot C., 2013. Croire ensemble. Analyse institutionnelle du paysage religieux en Suisse. 282 p., Seismo → online lesen

Monnot C. (Ed), 2013. La Suisse des mosquées. Derrière le voile de l'unité musulmane. Genève: Labor et Fides.

Gonzalez P., Monnot C. (eds.) 2012. Le religieux entre science et cité. Penser avec Pierre Gisel. 254 p., Genève: Labor et Fides.


Monnot C., Stolz J., 2014. The Diversity of Religious Diversity. Using Census and NCS Methodology in Order to Map and Assess the Religious Diversity of a Whole Country. pp. 73-91 in Giordan G., Pace E. (eds.) Religious Pluralism. Framing Religious Diversity in the Contemporary World. Heidelberg: Springer. [DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-06623-3_6]

Monnot C., Piettre A., 2014. Being Recognizable in Order to Overcome the Crisis: The Ambivalence of Islamis Actor's Struggle for Visibility in France and Switzerland. pp. 153-171 in Ganiel G., Winkel H., Monnot C. (eds.) Religion in Times of Crisis. Religion and the Social Order 24. Leiden: Brill. [DOI 10.1163/9789004277793_010].

Articles (peer-reviewed)

Monnot C., In Press. Visibility or Invisibility: the Dilemma of the Muslim Associations of Switzerland. Journal of Religion in Europe 8(4).

Monnot C., 2015. S'inscrire dans l'espace public en tant que musulman en Suisse. Social Compass 62(2) pp. 199-211. [DOI: 10.1177/0037768615571690]

Monnot C., 2015. Religion entre incertitude et cosmopolitisme. Hommage à Ulrich Beck.Histoire, monde et cultures religieuses (HMC) 34 pp. 15-30. [DOI10.3917/hmc.034.0015]

Monnot C., 2012. Mesurer la pratique religieuse: différentes enquêtes, différents taux? Analyse comparative à partir de la Suisse. Archives des sciences sociales des religions158 pp. 137-156. [DOI : 10.4000/assr.23849]

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