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Workgroup for Empiric Research of Religion (AGER)

We are an interdisciplinary team which work under plural religious and ideological conditions. We attempt to address ourselves to this core topic in all our research projects. Therefore we integrate perspectives of sociological, psychological, and religious studies as well as theology, using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Our special concern is the empiric study of structures, functioning and dynamics of religious and ideological semantics in personal and social realities of life. In our research designs we therefore consider religious factors in differentiated ways.

Our work is closely interrelated with the study path of “Religious Studies” at the University of Berne. On the one hand the results of our studies are incorporated in our teaching, on the other hand the students get involved in our projects and may develop and pursue their own research interests. We are both interested in fundamental research and applied questions and are offering services for contracting entities, foundations, companies, churches, religious communities and ideological associations.


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Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber
Faculty of Theology
Länggassstrasse 51
3012 Berne