Workgroup for Empiric Research of Religion (AGER)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber

Stefan HuberIn my empirical research of religion I am interested in the personal religious and spiritual “construct spaces” in which people live their religiousness. Which religious contents are relevant? How do people compound those contents into subjective theologies? Which are the resulting mental and social dynamics?

My special interest are the “highly religious” or &ldqou;highly spiritual” people because in their personal “Lebenswelt” religious contents are highly differentiated and develop a major efficiency. In order to examine this group of people thoroughly I engage myself in fundamental questions of the shaping of religiosity and I developed the “Centrality of Religiosity Scale” (CRS).

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Interdisciplinary course of education

  • Since 2012: Professor for “Empiric Research of Religion and Theory of Interreligious Communication” at the University of Berne.
  • Habilitation in science of religion in Bochum
  • Doctorate in psychology of religion in Fribourg (Dr. phil.)
  • Study of psychology in Fribourg (lic. phil.), then research assistant for applied psychology
  • Study of theology in Munich and Fribourg (lic. theol), then research assistant for systematic theology in Fribourg

Selected Publications

Huber, Stefan & Huber, Odilo: “The Centrality of Religiosity Scale (CRS)”. In: Religions, 3 (2012), Nr. 3, S. 710—724 → online lesen

Huber, Stefan: “Die Semantik des empirischen Systems. Archimedischer Punkt und Achillesverse der sozialwissenschaftlichen Religionsforschung”. In: Petzoldt, Matthias (Hrsg.): Theologie im Gespräch mit empirisch arbeitenden Wissenschaften. Leipzig : Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2012, S. 13—34

Huber, Stefan, & Klein, Constantin: “Spirituelle und religiöse Konstrukträume. Plurale Konstruktionsweisen religiöser und spiritueller Identitäten im Spiegel der deutschen Daten des Religionsmonitors 2008”. In: Büssing, Arndt & Kohls, Niko B. (Hrsg.): “Spiritualität jenseits des Glaubens. Transdisziplinäre wissenschaftliche Grundlagen im Zusammenhang mit Gesundheit und Krankheit“. Heidelberg : Springer, 2011, S. 53—66

Huber, Stefan: “Religion Monitor 2008. Structuring Principles, Operational Constructs, Interpretive Strategies.” In: Bertelsmann Stiftung (Hrsg.): What the World Believes. Analysis and Commentary on the Religion Monitor 2008. Bertelsmann : Gütersloh, 2009, S. 17—51

Huber, Stefan & Krech, Volkhard: “The Religious Field between Globalization and Regionalization — Comparative Perspectives”. In: Bertelsmann Stiftung (Hrsg.): What the World Believes. Analysis and Commentary on the Religion Monitor 2008. Bertelsmann : Gütersloh, S. 53—93

Further publications

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber
Faculty of Theology
Länggassstrasse 51
3012 Berne