Workgroup for Empiric Research of Religion (AGER)

Karin Mykytjuk-Hitz

Karin HitzI am a religious scholar and social scientist with a focus on the research of migration related to present times. My dissertation addresses Muslims in Germany who are active in civil society or socially or politically engaged, analysing their demarcation dynamics as well as religious and non-religious legitimation strategies. Thereby I combine sociological, socio-anthropological and psychological perspectives in order to relate their religious and social networks to their individual religiousness and their engagement. My research interests involve religious processes in current contexts of migration, more precisely Muslims and Alevis in Switzerland and Germany, African religious migrant communities and HIV/AIDS in Switzerland, religious social work, human rights, democracy and civil society. It is important to me to do research that is related to practice and based on cooperation with the interviewees.

In 2005, I have co-founded the association that is today known as “WissensWert Religionen” ( The aim of the association is to extend and improve the knowledge of the general public in Switzerland about religions and religious movements. In various projects religion in all its facets is sociologically analyzed and presented with reference to an appropriate historical background. The association is also supporting the website


Curriculum Vitae

Since January 2013: Assistant at the Chair of Empiric Research of Religion and Theory of Interreligious Communication of the University of Berne

January 2010 to December 2012: PhD scolarship in the Junior Research Group “Networking religion”, founded by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Research School of the Ruhr-University Bochum, the Doctoral Project (working title) at the University of Bochum: “Active Muslims in Germany: Boundary work and legitimacy dynamics in the context of social, civic and political work”

September 2009: Master of Arts in social science (major in science of religion, Minors in human rights and democracy and environmental sciences), University of Fribourg, master’s theses: &ldqou;Alevi identity. An empirical study on the intra-Alevi discussion of identity and belonging”

Research priorities

Social-scientific research of religions and migration
Muslims and Alevis in Germany and Switzerland
Qualitative methods in the empirical religious and social research


Mykytjuk-Hitz, Karin: “Die zivilgesellschaftlichen Potentiale von neo-muslimischen Akteuren”. In: Alexander-Kenneth Nagel (Hrsg.): Religiöse Netzwerke. Die zivilgesellschaftlichen Potentiale religiöser Migrantengemeinden. Bielefeld: Transcript 2014

Hitz, Karin: “Engagierte Muslime in Deutschland. Vernetzungs- und Legitimierungsdynamiken im Kontext sozialer und zivilgesellschaftlicher Arbeit”. In: Nagel, Alexander-Kenneth (Hrsg.): Diesseits der Parallelgesellschaft. Religiöse Migrantengemeinden als soziale Netzwerke, Bielefeld: Transcript, 2012, 37—68

Hitz, Karin: “Tod und Sterben aus islamischer Sicht”. In: Eckart, Wolfgang & Andersheiden, Michael (Hrsg.): Handbuch Sterben und Menschenwürde. Bd.3, Berlin : De Gruyter, 2012, 1395—1416

Hitz, Karin: “Türkisch-islamische Gemeinschaften in der Schweiz und St. Gallen”. In: Gässlein, Ann-Katrin (Hrsg.): Mit Gallus den Religionen auf der Spur. Religiöse Gemeinschaften, Kirchen und Bewegungen im Kanton St. Gallen, St. Gallen : SPI, 2012, 429—433

Hitz, Karin (Hrsg.) & Neuberger, Julia (Trad.): Sterbende unterschiedlicher Glaubensrichtungen pflegen, Bern : Huber, 2009

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber
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